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3415 Beverly Drive’s striking elevations, airy floorplan, and Mediterranean flair was inspired by the original vision for Highland Park and the designs of legendary architect Addison Mizner.

History of Highland Park
The romance of Highland Park dates back to the early 1900's when John Armstrong commissioned Wilbur David Cook, designer of Beverly Hills, to lend his creative vision to the neighborhood that would become the crown jewel of Dallas. Since its inception, the township's architecture has been influenced by Spanish Mediterranean styles-evident in Highland Park Village, the corner stone of this vibrant community.

The History of Addison Mizner
Addison Mizner was one of America's most original and influential designers of the early 20th century. The affluent denizens of Palm Beach and Boca Raton gravitated to the relaxed ambiance of his design approach, a contrast from the more formal atmosphere of Northern residences. He combined elegant aesthetics with innovative functionality, uniting indoor and outdoor spaces by giving interior rooms easy access to courtyards andloggias to create the feeling of never being far from the gardens.

3415 Beverly embodies the fulfillment of these visions for bringing the romance of Palm Beach and Beverly Hills style to Highland Park. Ventura Custom Homes foregoes the urge to make way for progress by setting a new standard for elegance and grandeur—the type of residence one regrets leaving.